I wanted to cross-post this from the quality mailing list. I know there are many threads here talking about what's going on and I would like to talk breifly about what we as a quality community are doing atm. Look for some announcements coming soon to help test the new stuff we've heard about this week.


Some of you may be wondering what all is next, given talk of the rolling release, mir, ubuntu touch, etc. Well, simply put, we have wonderful new toys for us to test! Ubuntu touch is a new emerging platform for ubuntu. There's a slew of app developers writing new applications for ubuntu that we want to install best practices in and help test there stuff. Then there's that new display server MIR -- we'll want to get involved with it as well and test. Finally, should a rolling release happen, we can match our cadence with the development teams and help drive new stuff into the rolling model, as well as expand our potential testing audience.

Here's what we do know:
-- Beta 1 is coming, and we'll be helping to test it
-- A rolling release is being considered (before or after 13.04, etc), and we've started a conversation about it's consequences (to quality) should it happen (please, open more threads here on the mailing list if the UDS session didn't raise all the points)
-- Ubuntu touch, and mir is here and we'll be diving in to help test

So, keep your testing hats on, it's going to be a fun ride testing on the new platform.. Don't have a phone or tablet? You can still help! The apps being written will also run on the desktop, and there's lots of new tests to write and run.