Hi, I have been having two separate problems for a while now. I wonder if anyone knows a cure:

1) iBus often crashes. Actually it is still active, but its little window is gone. I need to use Chinese input a lot, so I use iBus. Often I get a window 'Ubuntu has experienced an internal error' I click send a report. I have found if I open system monitor, ibus is still active. I kill it, then restart it, and everything is ok, the window with the choice of Chinese characters is available again.

2) My computer often refuses to suspend. I goes to suspend ok, it disconnects the network, and seemingly shuts down, but springs back to life immediately, and reconnects to the net.

Anyone else have similar problems? Any suggestions for cures for either problem?

Actually, there is one more problem, quite serious: if I unplug the dsl cable, my computer will crash. I have reported this as a bug in Fedora and Ubuntu. Fedora are further ahead with the kernel than Ubuntu. Fedora does not crash now if I unplug the dsl cable. But Ubuntu haven't fixed that yet.