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Thread: Minmal wubi install?

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    Minmal wubi install?

    So i am looking for installing wubi without any window manager or graphical parts at all.
    Just like ubuntu server, but through the wubi installer.

    I came across somewhere (cant find it again) where they said something about editing a package in the wubi config, but i forgot.

    Do any of you have any suggestions?

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    Re: Minmal wubi install?

    This might be what your looking for

    Quote Originally Posted by ago View Post
    Not directly, 1 because I would not run a production server on top of a nested filesystem, 2 because wubi is for non-geeks.

    That said you can edit c:\wubi\install\preseed.cfg and set the package to "ubuntu-standard".

    That will install a minimal set of packages, good enough to get a useful shell and enable you to install other packages, from there you can install any other ubuntu-server specifc package you want

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    Re: Minmal wubi install?

    You could use the Ubuntu minimal CD and Virtualbox to achieve much the same affect as well.


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