After upgrading Lubuntu to 12.10 I suddenly found my LibO .odt files were being opened by Abiword instead of previously-set LibO Writer.
I reset the default application to LibO Writer & that works OK for now.

But I thought I had removed Abiword some years back, so was surprised to find it there again.
I was even more surprised when I tried to remove it in SynApt and was told I must also remove Lubuntu-Desktop!

Some Googling showed this was an old concern & advice generally seemed to be to just go ahead removing it & everything would be OK, not actually removing my Lubuntu Desktop, just lubuntu-desktop...
Many discussions point to the Wiki item here:

Disconcertingly, that wiki says "The lubuntu-desktop would just need adding back in for the update from 10.04 to 10.10, after that it can be safely removed again."

Does that mean I have to remember to reinstall lubuntu-desktop before every upgrade?
Or is lubuntu-desktop & Abiword automatically included in every upgrade & I need to remember to remove them again after every upgrade?
Or is it simpler to just leave Abiword lying idle?
Or what?

Seems like a mess, so far...

Thanks for all advice!