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Thread: "File system is NOT clean" - sign in issue

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    Re: "File system is NOT clean" - sign in issue

    Hi, sorry to jump in here, but it sounds like you are barking up the wrong tree, trying to fix a severly corrupted installation that is just NEVER going to boot correctly.

    The question that you should be looking at is WHY, it installed with a corrupted file system, and WHY it wouldn't boot cleanly from the installtion CD.

    Here is a thread that explains some boot options which will change some Kernel settings, and *hopefully* give you a live session that boots cleanly and therefore can install cleanly.

    You can find the information you need in this thread --

    For my laptop, the magic settings were nolapic, and nomodeset, but the same menu is also used to disable acpi=

    Note the warning however, that on at least some laptops, disabling acpi messes up the thermal management by killing the fan control.

    Also I am not sure if you go ahead and do the install after using the above cheat codes to boot, if the installer is then smart enough to incorporate those settings into your permanent grub boot settings (knowing Ubuntu, probably NOT).

    So scan down through the thread and note how to PERMANENTLY change your grub settings.

    This is a royal pain because you also have to do a little finger dance and interupt your first grub boot, to supply the boot options manually -- using a totally different sequence than with the live CD.

    Without this, Ubuntu will probably crash, just as it does when booting the live CD without the codes.

    The good news is that, once you manually supply the cheat code boot options to grub manually the first time, you can edit the grub configuration text file in Ubuntu, and then run grub to write the changes permanently to your boot loader, and then Ubuntu should start seamlessly after that.

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    Re: "File system is NOT clean" - sign in issue

    Thanks, and apologies for the late reply.

    In the end I did a complete new install, the partitions were messed up, and I saved the good stuff first.

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