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Thread: confused about ActivePython 2.7 <SOLVED>

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    confused about ActivePython 2.7 <SOLVED>


    i need to install ActivePython 2.7 (or later versions) on Xubuntu 12.04 to use it in combination with PyCrypto 2.1 for 32bit Windows and Python 2.7, in connection to Calibre, and through Wine.

    can you plz advise on the installation process and how to enable it on wine? On Synaptics I can see a list of "Python" programs, but no "ActivePython". I found the following as a possible installation methods:

    cd /tmp
    tar xzf ActivePython-
    cd ActivePython-

    or from (though I came across a number of people who reported error messges when unpacking + installing the tar.gz file, for some reason).

    If either method works - I can't try it right now, as I'm on an extremely slow connection, will be able to in a day or two - how can I enable it into the Wine registry?

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