This happens some times when I am in Firefox and doing something in Libreoffice computer slows
down after a while the page where I am greys up the Hard Disk led keeps flashing meaning
hard disk action, stays on these conditions until restart computer. Other times just going Dash Home and open an application takes long time, an window opens with “Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error”
Thinking what could be the fault and has I have Clamtk I decide to scan, on the end got an long report
wish as 57 files all infected with PUA.win32 (this is for Windows) Windows with Virtualbox only, the report has Quarantine and Delete, dint click nothing but try to copy as usual but cant be copied, so I decide to ask for help, I think this is the reason for Ubuntu problem. What should I do to clean this files and computer?
Thank you