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Thread: cant boot from disc on asus mother board

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    cant boot from disc on asus mother board

    i started the ubuntu installation when i had windows xp. i couldnt get my pc to boot the ubuntu disc from boot. i had to do it with "plop". the installation was going well until right near the end. it froze. now when the pc starts, i can choose ubuntu but all i get is a black screen :/. there is no way to get plop working now either because ubuntu formated the HD during the installation. what do i do?

    i cant boot from usb and its not letting me boot from disc.

    i have tried a newer disc drive and a new disc.

    the bios is set up correctly (disc drive has priority)

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    Re: cant boot from disc on asus mother board

    We need more information:

    Please begin with a complete hardware description.
    Which release of Ubuntu are you using?
    What exactly happens when you try to boot from CD?
    Can you read a CD from the drive in normal use (not booting from it)?
    (and anything else you can think of).
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    Don't use this space for a list of your hardware. It only creates false hits in the search engines.


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