We have a Windows Network and each user has two user areas, 'Safe User Area' and 'Temporary User'.

With many users starting to bring in and wanting support for mobile devices and with us planning a BYOD implementation, we are looking to prepare for this, so we have setup Owncloud an OpenSource self run cloud. On OwnCloud we have synced it with Active Directory to import all users.

Now for the tricky part:

I want to map the data folders stored on the OwnCloud server to the Windows Network Share for each user. I tried making a sym link;

" ln -s [windows share path for user] [owncloud path for user]"

e.g ln -s //server1/users/staff/jsmith /var/www/owncloud/data/jsmith

When I attempt this it says system link broken. I am not even sure if what I am attempting is even possible. So could anyone help me achieve this or point me to something else that could achieve this.