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Thread: strange characters in CLI

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    strange characters in CLI


    I just got a new remote server and am doing the initial set-up and admin. I get strange characters when doing apt-get upgrade:


    Fetched 6¬*525 kB in 2s (2¬*794 kB/s)
    Get:3 quantal-updates/main libperl5.14 amd64 5.14.2-13ubuntu0.1 [1¬*226 B]

    I'm not sure what this could be caused by. You can see the 6¬ and 2¬ and 1¬ in the above examples. As this is going to be a production hosting server I need to make sure that this isn't something that may bite me in the a** later on in the set-up and install. In the CLI there are no * as shown above, so not sure why a copy and paste would place them there.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: strange characters in CLI

    Software on the remote server doesn't use Unicode (UTF-8), but the terminal you ssh from does, or vice versa. Maybe luit from the package x11-utils will help:
    LC_ALL=C luit ssh legacy-machine
    ¬* is crippled thousands separator.
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    Re: strange characters in CLI

    schragge pretty much nailed it.

    If you are using Putty on Windows, it defaults to Latin-1 instead of UTF-8. You can change that from Window > Translation.
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