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Thread: calling a bash script from quicklist

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    calling a bash script from quicklist

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been using todo.txt a command line script to write todo lists.
    I'd like to have a launcher in the dock like thing Ubuntu has on the side,so that I can click the icon and have the terminal popup showing the to do list.

    Usually, I can do this in the terminal by typing t (the alias to call the script) and typing ls - then I see the list.

    I thought it would be cool to just click an icon in the dock thing and have that happen automatically.

    I've got the quicklist and I can get it to call a script that almost works.

    The problem is that about a nano-second after showing me the list of things I need to do, the terminal window disappears. Does anyone know how I can make it stay open until I close it?

    The script I'm using is very simple:

    ~/scripts/ ls
    Any ideas?
    I'd really appreciate some guidance. This is bugging me
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    Thank you,
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