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Thread: tar.gz File Self-Replicating Uncontrollably

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    tar.gz File Self-Replicating Uncontrollably


    A friend with poor computer skills downloaded a tar.gz file a few months ago and now, every once in a while, it keeps reappearing and copies itself on my desktop at regular time intervals; this can start at any time and will not cease until I shut down the computer. While this only happens once in a blue moon, it is a great annoyance, as the files keeps popping up one at a time even after I have deleted them all... inevitably temporarily.

    I was wondering if there is a command I could run in the terminal that would prevent this from reoccuring ever again so that I may forever rid myself of this annoyance.

    Thank all of you greatly for your help.

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    Re: tar.gz File Self-Replicating Uncontrollably

    Any clue at this point what that tar was? An application?

    Curious what is in that "Read Me" file or the "Install" file:-

    You could open the terminal and remove it but better to find out what is in that file and what if an application was installed.
    Right click on it and see what your options are. Post the output of that file if you can-

    Other members chiming in will help so hang in there-
    Check yourself before you wreck yourself-

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    Re: tar.gz File Self-Replicating Uncontrollably


    I can think of several explanations, but the simplest explanation is probably the most likely. Maybe you have a broken download in the download manager of your default browser, such as Chrome or Firefox which starts over again whenever you run the browser and all you need to do is delete it.


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