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Thread: Video issue after reboot

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    Unhappy Video issue after reboot

    I installed ubuntu 12.10 remix...but I have some problems:

    When I reboot, it doesnīt show grub and the system boot directly to ubuntu (my PC is UEFI - see thread although i donīt delete the windows partition... (ubuntu boots ok and show me de desktop correctly) but itīs boot ok and I donīt have problem with the video....

    As ubuntu live donīt recognize the ethernet and wireless card of my notebook, I use a script for download the .deb files in other computer and then installed for recognized the ethernet card with success... for this, I install linux-backports-modules-cw-.. When the instalation was finished, I reboot the pc and now I have internet, but ubuntu boots in console mode (no graphics mode ;( )...

    I execute startx command, but It show me an error.

    I attached some files here for try to solve the problem:
    Xorg0.txt (10.2 KB) => this is the Xorg of system installed in hard drive, and itīs where is the video problem. (6.2 KB) => this is the log of Xorg with live CD where video was ok.

    Thank you!
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    Re: Video issue after reboot

    I run X -configure and then copy de Xorg file generated to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and now itīs work!


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