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Thread: Lemur Ultra Volume

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    Lemur Ultra Volume

    Just got a Lemur Ultra and i'm pretty disappointed in the volume range. I had it set on the highest level of volume while watching a DVD and it still wasn't quite sufficient.
    Any suggestions? External speakers or sound card, perhaps?


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    Re: Lemur Ultra Volume

    Personally, I don't like the sound coming out of integrated speakers on most devices so I'd suggest getting external speakers.
    But, Linux is not Windows. It can easily go above "100%" volume. For example, if you open Sound Settings from the Sound menu, you will notice that Output Volume can go higher than 100% (153%), if you want to go even higher (480%) you can install a tool called paman, it will let you crank the volume up to 480%.
    Note, you can also crank up individual Application volume, so you can theoretically go up to 2304%. But, be warned, that the more you go above 100%, the higher the chance of distortion appearing.

    Also, I'd recommend modifying the Application volume instead of the global volume, I wouldn't want to crank it up quite a bit then in the middle of a quiet-ish movie get called in Skype and be deafened.
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