I snagged a Latitude D830 that I decided to just use for messing around with Linux outside of a normal usage environment. I installed 12.10 and so far have only updated it. Things were looking good and I decided to just do a little more before going to bed. At that point I left the laptop unplugged. I fell asleep and when I woke up the battery had been drained. I was not even able to power it long enough to log back into the desktop and properly shutdown. So I set the laptop aside and plugged it in for the remainder of the night.

Fast forward many hours later I grab the laptop and boot it up. The battery symbol in the task bar was not showing fully charged, was only showing maybe 1/4 bar at best and I think 45 minutes of usage time. I saw an indication in another threat about rebooting while on battery power so I did that. Things are not really any differnt although now the battery says it is fully charged (task bar icon) but still only grants me 45 minutes of estimated usage.

If I plug in the power cable the icon switches to a charging icon but the bar part of that icon is minimal. I realize this could just be a default icon and not an indication of what the OS is thinking regarding my battery. The installed battery is the original so it is hard to say what kind of life I should get out of it. However, the laptop had been sitting on the shelf for probably the past 4 - 5 weeks unplugged and not used. When I checked the battery state prior to swapping the hard drive for the installion, it registered 4 out of 5 indicators. Currently when I press the battery test button it shows fully charged.

I am not seeing anything on my initial searches that makes this sound like a huge problem for users. I do not know if I am unique due to the age of the laptop, unique to this install or something I did, but if any of you know of something causing this or something I can do to make sure I am getting the maximum battery life I would really appreciate it.

Thank you