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Thread: DD-WRT Basics

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    DD-WRT Basics

    Hey Everybody,

    I am thinking of turning my old linksys v.6 router into a repeater using DD-WRT firmware. I am just wondering if anybody ells has had experience with this, or any advice.

    And secondly I was wondering if it was possible to find the firmware to turn a new repeater back into a router at a later date?


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    Re: DD-WRT Basics

    This information may be a problem only related to my combination of router and/or DD-WRT builds that support the hardware, but I thought a heads-up may be in order. I use DD-WRT on a Linksys e1200 v2 as a repeater. For whatever reason, none of the Linux versions I've tried (many Ubuntu flavors, as well as a few others), on two different PCs with two different wireless chipsets, will authenticate when trying to log on to the repeater. This is not a problem for any of the Windows, OSX, Android, or iOS clients my roomates, visitors, or myself use.

    In regard to turning a DD-WRT repeater back into a standard wireless access point, there is no need to reinstall the Cisco firmware (though it is available if you really need it), you can simply change a couple of settings within the browser GUI.

    If you do try DD-WRT (and other than my Linux issues, I do recommend it!), MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FLASH INSTRUCTIONS FULLY. Taking shortcuts only leads to trouble, trust me, I learned the hard way
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