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Thread: How to print 1:1 scale

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    How to print 1:1 scale

    Currently on Kbuntu 12.10 but I have had this problem with other distros.

    I have an HP Deskjet F2120 printer with HPLIP installed.
    I have drawn up a flange in freecad and I want to be able to print things like this out in 1:1 so I can confirm rough dimensions before going through the trouble to machine the part.
    I have tried printing straight from freecad, converting it to PDF and printing it straight from HPLIP, converting it to SVG and printing it from the Gimp set at 100% size and I have tried about anything else I can think of.
    HPLIP has an option to fit to page in the settings. This is deselected. I have done this exact same thing using Solidworks in windows as well as saving to PDF and printing 1:1. Why is this so hard to figure out in linux?

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    Re: How to print 1:1 scale

    I drew up a 6" square in the gimp and it was right on. Guess it's an issue with freecad. Too bad their forum seems to be down right now.


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