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Thread: The new Linux 3.8 Kernel

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    The new Linux 3.8 Kernel

    Is it just me, or is the recent, supposedly stable, Linux 3.8 kernel plagued with issues? I've been hearing them everywhere. Even I'm having problems with my PVR-150 TV card.

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    Re: The new Linux 3.8 Kernel

    Yep. Ran into a rather large issue here when transferring files over the network. Didn't matter of it was over samba, rsync/ssh, etc. Around 2GB, it would fail with errors in dmesg. A bug report was filed and 3.8.3 has plans to fix it. No more 13.04 beta for me at the moment.

    FYI, happens on my desktop and laptop, wired and wireless. *shrug*

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    Re: The new Linux 3.8 Kernel

    I've been using the 3.8 kernel since it's release, seeing as my system wouldn't even boot using the 3.7 kernel. I haven't had any problems at all. I'm currently running 3.8.0-11.

    @Roasted, didn't you try the solution given to you in the U+1 sub-forum?

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