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Thread: How to forge - The perfect server issues

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    How to forge - The perfect server issues

    Hello all,
    Working on getting my new server up and running from the instructions listed on How to forges pages for the perfect server. I have gotten through most the instruction without issues, however i have hit a road bump and cannot continue forward with it until I can get this working: I am stuck at section 14.1 where it asks you to log into the sever from a web page. It states that you should be able to log into the server like this:

    The ISPConfig apps vhost on port 8081 for nginx comes with a phpMyAdmin configuration, so you can use or to access phpMyAdmin.

    How ever I am unable to get this to happen. It it because I am not on the machine? (This is a terminal based server we access remotely). Or is there some other issue perhaps. I am new at this sort of configuration so I have no idea where to even start troubleshooting this issue. I would appreciate any help that can be given. Thanks.

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    Re: How to forge - The perfect server issues

    Starting from the ground .
    You can access to that site normally , right ?
    Which user are you using to log in ? root user ?? (User from MySQL NOT local users)


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    Re: How to forge - The perfect server issues

    Can you access using http://<IP_address>:8081/phpMyAdmin

    Could just be a question of updating your hosts file or DNS...


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