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Thread: Champions of Regnum on Steam - Some problems.

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    Champions of Regnum on Steam - Some problems.

    Installed COR on Steam the other day. The game is not too bad. It has some bugs, but is fairly playable and entertaining. But I have some problems.

    1. I'm forced to play at low res 1024x768 because their video setting software crashes when I try to set it to 1920x1080 (or make any change). I Googled a message from someone saying to edit the cfg file, but when I did that I had to re-install the game. It didn't work. Anyone know how to get this thing working at 1920x1080? I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.
    2. When I exit the game it doesn't actually shut off, and Steam refuses to quit until I start System Monitor and kill the game process manually. Annoying.
    3. When I exit the game it leaves my desktop in 1024x768 mode. Ewww! I have to logoff and back on to get it back to 1920x1080.
    4. I'd go complain at the Regnum forum, but their registration page is broken. Sigh...
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