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Thread: upgrade feature request and VENT

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    upgrade feature request and VENT

    I love Ubuntu, been using it since 7.04, but I have to request a feature and vent some frusteration.

    Could you please, during the upgrade process, produce and save a list of ALL the packages/software that have been disabled/uninstalled during the upgrade? For the last 2-3 years, when I've upgraded it has taken me anywhere from several hours - several days to get my computer back to full functionality. THIS IS VERY AGGRAVATING! I am left to track down what packages were dependant on what and which are missing or have had their configs overwritten, a tedius manual command line process. Just a simple txt file of all the disabled/uninstalled packages would be a HUGE help for troubleshooting.

    This last upgrade has broken Banshee and Rhythmbox and I'm hoping my post in the multimedia section can help me solve the problem as Google seems to have failed to turn up a solution so far.

    Thanks to the community who has always been helpful and to the dev team as well. But please consider my feature request. Thanks.

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    Re: upgrade feature request and VENT

    I suggest you post your idea to It's doubtful any devs will see it here.


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