Probably be a while before I do another clean install on any of my boxes as I just replaced Mint 12 with Ubuntu 12.04 to get the long term support. Now all three multi-boot systems are running 12.04.

I don't normally swap around much once I get things like I want them. Only reason I went to Mint to begin with was because I hate "Unity" but now that Mate is out and works reasonably well I came back to Ubuntu.

Here's an FYI for ya. One of my 3 boxes has 6 hard drives in it and all of them are bootable. Ubuntu, Vista, Win 7, Win XP, Win XP x64 and a 1TB storage drive with a small bootable Windows XP partition. I use BIOS to select the boot drive. The other two don't have but 2 bootable drives in them. Main reason for the 6 drives is because I do some computer repair for some old folks in my neighborhood so I like to have an operating system on my computer that matches what I work on.

Ennywho, thanks again all for the help