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Thread: (SOLVED) Missing thread? How To Disable OS_PROBER In Grub?

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    (SOLVED) Missing thread? How To Disable OS_PROBER In Grub?

    Back a couple of years ago I posted a thread in here titled "It's Grub Again" and the discussion was how to stop Grub from installing on my Windows drives on a multi-boot system. Another member here showed me how to disable OS-PROBER and that took care of my problem and over the last couple of years I've used that thread to modify all 3 of my systems to get rid of Grub controlling boot selection.

    So here I am installing a clean copy of 12.04 on what use to be a Mint 12 box and now I can't find that post??

    So can someone tell me again how to stop Grub's OS-PROBER from looking for Windows drives to mess up?


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