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Thread: Building my first tower PC

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    Building my first tower PC

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to build a PC tower on my own and I'm only going to run Linux on it. Ubuntu 12.04.2 (KDE/XFCE in particular). This will be my first time having done this, so any advice or tips you can give would be most appreciated.

    My current tower is becoming a little dated and is starting to periodically freeze. I'm going to be cannibalizing the DVD+/-RW drive and both HD drives. So that should cut down a little on my expenses.

    I have some parts that I have been looking at already:
    CPU Fan:

    As far as I can tell, all of these components work under 12.04.2. (I picked Intel only because I heard they're a little more Linux friendly, but I'm flexible). I initially considered an i3 and I'm sure it would serve just as well, my thoughts were that the i5 would make a better long term investment.

    I will NOT be using this PC for gaming (per orders from wife), though I would still like the system to handle graphics without a hitch and look decent.

    May decide to do this right away or at some point in the future: a SSD. It does not have to be large and would only house the OS and preferably I'd have at least one HD installed for all of my files and backup.

    What I need: power supply, RAM, case and possibly a different CPU fan. I'd prefer a system that would be quiet and low power.

    I have about $800 to spend in total. I humbly ask for any suggestions and/or corrections.
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