Good Day guys

I hope you are all well and could assist me.

I have recently installed an ATTO 4 port 10GB Ethernet adapter and 40TB Storage on my Ubuntu Server.
I have 4 workstations connected to the server.
I have setup the IP's statically using the Network manager as follows:
Server side : goes to
Server side : goes to
Server side : goes to
Server side : goes to

The Storage is shared for all the machines.
The issue is that I can only have one "Wired Connection" at a time.
When I click for example it establishes a connection to and the storage is accessible from the workstation.
As soon as I establish another connection it disconnects the previous connection.
Is there a way to get all the intefaces connected at the same time so that all 4 workstations can access the storage?

Thanks in advance.