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Thread: [Wine and ms Access] Look Up wizard Problem

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    [Wine and ms Access] Look Up wizard Problem

    Hi guyz.... Am using ubuntu 12.04 with the latest wine installed. I have also installed Ms Office 2007. The problem is with ms access. Problem (1) is that the access program produces an error while brosing or opening files stored in the computer. This problem seem to apply to also word and excel
    Problem (2) ms access cannot run wizards. It produces a dialog box with empty combo box.
    Does anyone use Ms office in wine. Please tell me which libraries to override if any and if possible a work around on solving these problems. Thanks in advance
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    Re: [Wine and ms Access] Look Up wizard Problem

    Sorry, think you're out of luck ...

    The WineHQ page for Access 2007 (linked below) clearly indicates that Wizards don't work:

    As to why Excel and Word don't work, those are different problems.

    And while I did use MS Office 2007 in Wine, when I move to Office 2010, I got fed up with stuff not working right -- and went back to using it in MS Windows, where everything works.

    Yes, it's fun to tinker with in Wine, but when you need stuff to work daily (as I did), you just need it TO WORK.
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    Re: [Wine and ms Access] Look Up wizard Problem

    If you HAVE to use MS office software (it's for your job or it's somehow mandatory which I do not include relatives/friends in that defenition) than use Windows. If it's for personal use than the best thing you can do is to use a native program with the OS you are using which in your case would be Libreoffice.

    Honestly I don't understand wanting to use MS office software in WINE.

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    Re: [Wine and ms Access] Look Up wizard Problem

    Another option is to install VirtualBox on your Ubuntu machine, then create a virtual machine and install Windows in it. That's been my solution for using Access from Linux.
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