On ubuntu we were able to download flash videos from web browser by just copying it from /tmp directory. But after adobe flash player's new update, it is not possible. So I have written a simple ruby script to download buffering flash video on linux. I have made a minimum gui of this program too.
Just download the deb file from http://code.google.com/p/flash-video...downloads/list here (source code is also there). And install it by double clicking. (You must have installed ruby 1.9.xx). After installing 1st stream your video in your web browser (don't close browser window before downloading). Then open flash video downloader from
Applications>Accessories>Flash Download. And press download. You will get your files in your home folder.

ps: I am not a professional programmer. Just a noob. So there is a great possibility of containing bug in this program.

Here is a screenshot