After upgrade from 10.10 to 11.10, ugly numbers appear everywhere instead of device names
like sda and hdb. This is grossly un-user-friendly. Nobody except device driver and kernel
developers needs to see strings like that. Consider how unlikely it is to get such a
number transcribed accurately if I have to type it into a terminal on another system, or get
the number over the phone while helping a remote user (I'm a sysadmin). They're all over
the boot files, too. 1) how do I get USB devices to automount with their device names like
they used to? 2) How do I get those ugly numbers out of the boot files and replaced with
whatever they used to be (presumably things like /dev/sda, etc)? For reference, I don't
see any such numbers in the Windows boot files or device directories, disk management, etc.

Don't suggest using volume labels... I didn't need them before, and I shouldn't need them now.
And I'd have to put those labels (unique ones, presumably) on dozens to hundreds of disks,
many of which I don't have direct access to.