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Thread: Can I combine 2 identical RAM kits?

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    Can I combine 2 identical RAM kits?

    I have a mother board that has memory specs of 4 slots and is duel channel, max 4GB per slot and 16GB total RAM. I currently have a 8GB (2x4GB) RAM kit on the board. If I were to buy an an identical kit to the 2x4GB kit I have would it be considered "in spec" to put them in and make it 16GB or would I need to buy a whole new 16GB kit
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    Re: Can I combine 2 identical RAM kits?

    It's not strictly required, but RAM's a funny thing, so it is best to buy matched pairs when possible as you've noted. In your case, I wouldn't worry about it, since all of the RAM will be spec'd the same.

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    Re: Can I combine 2 identical RAM kits?

    i'm using 2 channel cards too (same as you 4gB installed, two empty slots) and yes you can they're always to be installed in pairs

    don't waste time or $ upgrading tho, as it will always default to the speed of the slower pair
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