Okay I am a industrial music programmer. my cpu just died recently but i got a ubuntu put onto a old laptop which is kinda cool problem is I never used ubuntu I know how to do basic stuff it seems like.

I need propellerhead reason 5.0 to work on the computer I want to see if i am doin osmething wrong, or if I am doing everything right it just cannot run on the laptop

OKAY so i installed WINE-then i did all the necessary steps I CLICK ON REASON ON MY UBUNTU DESKTOP it says blah blah blah do you wnat to do blah blah blah, then the program loads and it just stays there, it does not go past the loading screen ill sit there for 30 minutes and it just does not load. I am going to get diablo 2 to see if that can run on this guy. AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG can u help me plz.