Hello everyone!

I was wondering if i could get some advice on implementing a good backup strategy for the files in my Ubuntu Server box. Currently, I have 8TB worth of data spread out over 2 x 1TB Drives and 3 x 2TB drives. One of the 2TB drives failed on me last week (after coming home from a trip no less!) and I now realized I should've been backing everything up.

With that said, I'm not entirely sure how to go about this, but I do have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone here can help me out with:

1. Is it possible to back up all the drives into 2 x 4TB drives, with each of these partitioned into 2TB and 1TB partitions so I can mirror my current drives exactly?
2. With that set up, is it possible to configure it so that if the drive fails, it switches to the backup automatically? and then i can replace the failed drive with a new one and copy everything over?
3. I'm guessing it would be possible to do a nightly incremental backup?

And of course, finally, what program can I use that would meet all these requirements?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!