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Thread: Total Newbie needs installation help

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    Re: Total Newbie needs installation help

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesemill View Post
    I've had great results with HP devices, they have a team who works on Linux support for their hardware.

    yes HP has good linux support. and they make good printers as well.

    samsung printers are also supported, though their linux support is not as commited as HP's. as i said above a PPA can solve samsung compatibility easilly. the only reason i bought a samsung is because it fit on the table (it was smaller than HP with same price). i use it on XP maschine but all linux mashcines connected to it can print on it.
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    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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    Re: Total Newbie needs installation help

    Just because Kodak doesn't support Linux, doesn't mean there are no Linux drivers for your printer/scanner. Just try adding the printer on the Printing program and see if it works.
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