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Thread: Hard Disk Clicking Noise, Overheating & Intel Control Panel

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    Exclamation Hard Disk Clicking Noise, Overheating & Intel Control Panel

    Hello I'm Kevin and I've register to this site because I love Ubuntu and want Ubuntu as my primary OS for my Dell N5110. However there's a long way to go for that. Currently I use Windows 8 and I'm happy with it. But before I was using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The reason why I'm using Windows 8 right is as follows.

    Both Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & Xubuntu 12.04 LTS
    1) Intel HD Control Panel
    The Intel Control Panel is very important for me, it is where I can adjust the Gamma, Contrast and Brightness setting for my eyes. I wear glasses and high contrast usually hurt my eyes, It is painful to see. With this control panel I can adjust the setting properly. I did try those setting like xgamme value or redshift, but this is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a panel setting similar where it offers RBG, Gamma and Contrast setting. Currently we are only limited to brightness setting with Ubuntu.

    2) Hard Disk Clicking Noise
    Well it happens everytime, when my YouTube videos load, when my browser load pages, when I'm downloading a files the hard disk make some annoying clicking noise. Moreover if I use it on battery mode only the clicking noise will increase. With Windows 8 i never had this issue.

    3) Hard Disk Overheating
    Same situation, when I watch Youtube videos or download files, or put my laptop on hibernate or sleep. The hard disk overheart, I can barely touch my laptop surface.

    4) Xubuntu Hard Noise Clicking
    On Xubuntu 12.04 when I play an MP3 music using any music player then again the hard disk starts making clicking noise sound

    All of this put me off from Linux, I want to comeback, but these issues will have to be fixed. Thanks for taking your time reading it.
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