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Thread: Automount + sharing partitions.

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    Automount + sharing partitions.

    Hey guys!
    A total newbie here....

    Well - to start off with a laugh - I FINALLY have had enough Windows re-installs. I have this "FileServer" computer at work, storing a lot of data. I have Ubuntu 12.10 desktop x86 installed on it.

    What I'd like to achieve (or more ask if it'll work) is this:

    I've read a couple of threads about auto-mounting ntfs partitions upon startup. I think I'll handle that easily enough, but I'm concerned about sharing those partitions over the internal network.

    Well, basicly I'm just wondering if I share the /media/ntfs-partition-x folder using samba with all permissions included (Guest access included) - will they be shared, should a power loss ever occur?(After reboot I mean)
    (That is assuming they do auto mount upon startup)

    And one more thing: what would happen if I mount a different hard drive in the place of another one (just for argument sake)

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    Re: Automount + sharing partitions.

    If a power loss occurs, they will not anymore be shared. When the server reboots, the drives will again be shared.


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