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Thread: Kernel 3.8.0-10 won't boot

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    Re: Kernel 3.8.0-10 won't boot

    Quote Originally Posted by cole.mickens View Post
    Thanks for taking the time to do the bisect!
    No problem

    The bisect revealed the two git commits that broke the boot process (same as what Seth found here:

    I haven't tested it yet, but 3.8.0-12.21 reverts those two patches, so that update should get things working again

    EDIT: Actually, only one commit is broken: da27a24383b2b10bf6ebd0db29b325548aafecb4

    If anyone is building the kernel from git, just run

    git checkout -b efi-reverts
    git revert da27a24383b2b10bf6ebd0db29b325548aafecb4
    or from a tarball

    wget -q -O - '' | patch -p1 -R
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