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Thread: Getting Started

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    Getting Started

    I am, as the title indicates, just getting started. I can't get past the "Try Me" part. When I try this I get to a point where the computer has only the install option? Can someone help me at least get past this point. I have thought about just going ahead and installing it along side Windows but don't want to do that since I don't have the confidence to charge ahead - given this initial problem. Has anyone ever thought about a worksheet that one would use to guide the installation?

    Thanks - Neal

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    Re: Getting Started

    A little background might help. "I downloaded 32-bit Ubuntu 12.10, and burned it to a DVD, then I booted from the DVD." Or what?

    In the community documentation, there are hundreds of useful writeups. (And quite a lot which are out of date, sorry.)

    If you are at "Try Ubuntu," you should be able to browse the web, run LibreOffice, and many other activities.


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