I have been reading about how Canonical is going to port Unity to Qt, create their own display manger and all. What I am wondering is why don't they just make KDE their default desktop? You can make KDE look like, and act almost exactly like Unity on the desktop. KDE has Plasma Desktop, Netbook, and Plasma Active for tablets and phones already. Yes these look slightly different, but it seems just as different from Unity on the desktop to the way it looks on the tablets. KDE has been built on Qt & QML for 17 years whereas Canonical is just now starting to use it and are going to port Unity 3D to it.

Yes we already have the Kubuntu project, but it still isn't quite as user-friendly has Ubuntu. You have to install "pavucontrol" so that a lot of sound apps work with KDE, and other things. So why can't Canonical just switch to KDE, and make a super polished KDE desktop like openSUSE?

KDE is a vibrant, innovative, advanced, modern looking and full-featured desktop environment that already has a Desktop, Netbook, Tablet, & Phone UI that is based on Qt QML. So why doesn't canonical switch to that as it's main desktop environment?

If Canonical switched to KDE as it's main desktop environment, then I think it would absolutely rule the Linux Desktop for consumers.

So what are your thoughts?