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Thread: Best System GUI?

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    Question Best System GUI?

    Hi all, I'm new...both to Linux and this forum.

    I just spawned a new instance/VM or Ubuntu 12 Desktop on my cloud service provider.
    I decided to VNC into it.
    By default it comes with a system GUI called XFCE (logo of a rat). I find there isn't really much on this in the way of apps to help manage my server.

    Yes, I know linux mostly = command line, but I would really appreciate it if anyone had any GUI apps in mind that could help one manage certain things around the server.
    I am slowly transitioning from a windows Server and still just checking out linux for personal stuff before throwing anything serious on it.

    Also is there a difference between gnome and xfce or are they the same? A lot of desktop system settings tutorials seem to ask me to click on things that are just not there.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Best System GUI?

    If you have use Ubuntu 12.04 server edition you could use Zpanel.

    I suppose you could just remove the Xfce desktop, personally I would go for the new install.

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    Re: Best System GUI?

    Hello and Welcome

    The desktop environments are very different and it is also important to use up to date tutorials or they won't apply. I don't know about any GUI based server applications but there is a command line resources list at the top of this sub forum. There are many user interfaces available but have listed three which are well known . LXDE is the lightest of the three
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    Re: Best System GUI?

    There is no best GUI system. You should try them out and decide what is the best for you and your needs
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