I recently received my first System76 computer, the Gazelle Professional. The only changes I made at checkout to the base model were: I chose the 750GB Hybrid drive and I upped the RAM to 8GB. After setting up my Ubuntu settings, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 from an OEM disc. I then used the drivers from knowledge 76 (http://knowledge76.com/index.php/GazP7/GazP8), however, after installing the drivers from this site, Windows only sees my touchpad as a ps2 mouse. A similar question was posted in this forum a while back, and the advice given was to download the newest driver from synaptics website. I did so, and I had the same result. When I click on the image of a touchpad on the taskbar, then click "pointing device properties", it shows devices listed as "standard pointing device". When I highlight that and click settings, I have the option to read the patent information, or choose the option as to what a left click does and what a right click does. That's it. Please help.