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Thread: Determining reboot reason

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    Determining reboot reason

    A server running 12.04 recently rebooted itself, but looking in the files in /var/log doesn't show any reason, e.g. OOM killer events, etc. Is there any way that one can discern why a machine rebooted itself?

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    Re: Determining reboot reason


    last -x
    will display the last shutdown events from wtmp, so although it won't give you a reason, it will give you the times so that you can try look for events in the logs that correspond with the exact time of the last reboot.
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    Re: Determining reboot reason

    Hi lechien73,
    Thanks for the info. The corresponding snippet from "last -x" would be:

    runlevel (to lvl 2) 3.2.0-38-generic Tue Mar 5 08:50 - 11:59 (03:09)
    reboot system boot 3.2.0-38-generic Tue Mar 5 08:50 - 11:59 (03:09)
    runlevel (to lvl 0) 3.2.0-38-generic Tue Mar 5 08:47 - 08:50 (00:02)

    The only related event in the syslog file for that time is:

    Mar 5 08:47:58 node87 kernel: [262411.141613] init: idmapd main process (1120) killed by TERM signal
    Mar 5 08:47:58 node87 kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped.
    Mar 5 08:47:58 node87 rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="5.8.6" x-pid="1165" x-info=""] exiting on signal 15.

    This machine is an NFS4 client, with idmapd enabled, and performs lots of reads off a server, causing some processes to go into uninterruptible sleep at times. However, I can't see how that would cause anything to panic on a client, forcing a reboot.

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    Re: Determining reboot reason

    PIDs killed with signal 15 which means that they killed nicely without any force. so its not look like a sudden reboot or something it's more like a normal reboot.
    did you check the boot log. if there was problem maybe in there you can find something related to it .

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