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Thread: Should we derive our own Ubuntu server distro?

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    Should we derive our own Ubuntu server distro?


    We have created a Radius Management software based on LAMP and Freeradius. Written in PHP and encoded with ioncube. The OS of choice to run it was Ubuntu Server.

    In order to automate the installation process, we thought of creating a distro of Ubuntu server edition.

    1. Are we allowed to in the first place? Provided that our software comes with a free license originally, but can be purchased for more features (it is a commercial software).

    2. What about modifying the installation steps, would that require us to create our own distro? Or can we still do that under the original Ubuntu server distro?

    Your opinion and insight on the issue would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Should we derive our own Ubuntu server distro?

    Thanks for asking first. If we are dealing with legal issues it is better to go straight to Canonical.
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    Re: Should we derive our own Ubuntu server distro?

    but just a thing - there are plenty of distributions like that already out there. i mean modified Ubutnu's. as long as you do not use Ubuntu ion the name i think it will be fine. but to get a full answer Cannonical is indeed the place to ask.
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