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Thread: First experence stories

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    First experence stories

    Any good stories about your first useage?

    Started w/ 11.04, enjoyed it tho I didn't really do too much of anything with linux other than web browsing.
    Went back to win7 for a couple months cause I couldn't get one video game to work.

    Got the game working in 12.04, enjoyed the unity shell but liked gnome more...then after getting this "working" how I wanted them too, some how I broke the gui...that didn't realy discourage me as I found about links and just used tty(s) for almost everything. Eventuailly reformatted the HDD with a fresh install(got use to doing that lot w/ win7 cause I was board).

    Going strong!

    ^ not really a "good" storie but havn't let my failures discourage me from playing w/ something that I don't have to sign a "contract" with...actuailly that is the main reason I don't like ms or apple.

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    Re: First experence stories

    God I remember when my uni roommate tried to install a dual boot for me with 10.10... he wiped my Windows by accident, the best accident I ever had
    I don't game so everything was fine from the outset, it could only get better... And nowadays my Precise Pangolin is just *SO* good!!
    All this on the cheapest laptop i could find after having my mac stolen!

    And talking of ttys - i love freaking people out by playing my music in a tty in mplayer
    Ubuntu Manual - Webupd8 - Love KDE Neon! - Synapse
    Some just want to watch the world LEARN


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