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Thread: Gnome Shell. 12.04. Dock extension set to left side?

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    Gnome Shell. 12.04. Dock extension set to left side?

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.2 with Gnome Shell (3.4 via PPA) and I have the dock extension installed. I'm trying to see if I can make it align to the left side of my screen. I'm having some difficulty doing so based on the limited number of results I found when I Googled.

    One method was to go into dconf-editor and go to org - gnome - shell - extensions - dock and make settings adjustments there. Problem is, there's no "extensions" under "shell". So that alone stopped me dead in my tracks.

    On the other hand, I found a gsettings like that looked like a one-liner command to push the dock bar to the left. Instead, it errored out. This sounds like a solution that existed in earlier Gnome Shell/Ubuntu variants.

    Is there any way to do this? Or am I stuck?

    EDIT - While the "Dock" extension is right justified (hence the reasoning for this post), I found an extension labeled "Dash to Dock" found here:

    By default, this one is left justified and works similarly. Nice. I wonder how I could manipulate the other one to work on the left side though? Just for the sake of curiosity, etc...
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