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Thread: Call for support: Ask Electronic Arts to bring Origin and their games to Linux.

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    Call for support: Ask Electronic Arts to bring Origin and their games to Linux.

    Hey guys,

    I want to make use of the PRO Linux gaming time we have right now and ask EA to bring their games to Linux. All information you will need you can find in that post which I will link and quote:

    Dear Electronic Arts,
    with this post I want to request a native Client of Origin for Linux including a port of all your famous games like Battlefield, Sims etc. More and more people are using Linux nowadays and companies like Valve plan to invent consoles based on Linux as well and as you may know they started to port there whole game catalogue for Linux.
    In the End EA may be left behind on the PC AND the console market if games will run on Linux PCs and Linux Consoles. Think about that.

    That's why I want you to port ...
    - Origin
    - Frostbyte Engine (2)
    - ...and more Games and bring them to Linux.

    I am very sure people will support a Kicktarter project to bring EA Games to Linux! Please consider that as well.

    Kindest regards,


    Dear Customer Support,

    I'd like to ask you to escalate this request to the people who are responsible to make decisions within your company. Many thanks!

    Dear User in this Forum,
    I'd like you to post in this thread to show support, share this thread in several communities and social networks and get more people to support this mission. Due to the fact I have no facebook I'd like to ask you to create a EA Games Linux-Group and share and like that and post the link over here! Many thanks!
    If you like to you can help me to ask and reproduce this question in a more official way.

    If you want to post on the EA Forums just login with your Origin ID or EA Master ID.
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