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Thread: Ubuntu plus kubuntu desktop

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    Question Ubuntu plus kubuntu desktop

    I did a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04 (64bit), then updated to 12.10 (64bit) over the web. I then added the kubuntu backports so that I could install KDE (kubuntu-desktop). Did an update of the repository. Then tried to install kubuntu-desktop. It is complaining that xorg won't be updated, and thus I can't install kubuntu-desktop.

    I installed synaptic, checked to see that the repository for kubuntu backports is there. It is. I searched for xorg. I clicked to upgrade it. It wants to uninstall ubuntu-desktop.

    Anyone else having this issue? Did someone mess up and make some changes to the kubuntu backports ppa?

    Would love any help on this.

    TIA -


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    Re: Ubuntu plus kubuntu desktop

    It's safe to remove ubuntu-desktop since it's just a metapackage:


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