Okay, so I've recently set up a server with Ubuntu Server 12.10 to run as a headless server. When I ran the OS installer/setup it gave me an option to immediately connect to a wireless network (this box has a wireless card), and so I connected to my home network. Since then I've turned the server on/off multiple times and it's always automatically connected to the wireless network until yesterday. Usually I would SSH into the server, but yesterday I couldn't, so I hooked a keyboard and a monitor back up and learned that it wasn't connected to the wireless network. Yesterday and today I attempted countless efforts to reconnect to the network from the command line based on advice from threads I found on google, but have been unsuccessful. This is extremely frustrating: surely it shouldn't be this difficult? I'm tired of trying to edit my interfaces file. Many of the threads I've found seem to date back quite a while. Can anyone please help out?