I booted from a live ubuntu-secure-remix-12.10-64bit.iso USB then shrank my pre-installed Windows 8 system partition using gParted.
I then booted into Windows without problems several times and ran chkdsk without any errors.

As the Ubiquity installer does not appear to allow the use of LVM and encryption I used the minimal installer to install 12.10 in UEFI mode.
I created an unencrypted /boot partition /dev/sda6 and an encrypted LVM physical volume /dev/sda7.
In sda7 I then created swap, root and home logical volumes.

After the install I booted into Ubuntu OK, then executed 'tasksel' to install Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu desktop boots and runs OK, but there is no windows entry in the grub menu.

Boot-info http://paste.ubuntu.com/5585977/ shows two EFI partitions, the original one in the Windows system and /dev/sda6.

Should boot-repair be able to safely fix grub for dual boot? If not, what else should I try?