I am running Ubuntu 10.04 (32-bit) and have OpenOffice 3.2 in which I have a spreadsheet (which I regularly edit) containing a macro which is invoked when I click on a button which occupies the area of one cell. The spreadsheet contains just one sheet. It is the only spreadsheet I have which includes a macro.

I have obtained a DVD with Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) and wanted to check hardware compatibility. So I try it as a 'Live' DVD to check. Naturally, it uses LibreOffice in place of OpenOffice. I think it's version 3.5. I find it can open other spreadsheets happily but it objects to the one with a macro, coming up with 'Unknown Error 305' [I think it's 305]. The file is not particularly large.

How can I get round this? If push came to shove, perhaps I could export the OO spreadsheet as a csv and paste the macro into a txt and import the results into LO - would this work? But I'd like to know why it is happening and whether there is a more straightforward solution - which could be implemented in OO before making the switch which I will probably eventually make.

[I'm not around much to review responses for a few days so apologies in advance for this]