This post is meant for the Unbuntu UK podcast team.

Great show, Y'all, just listed to Season 6, episode 1. You asked for suggestions on topics. I have one.

I'm a pretty experienced Ubuntu user. I've been listening to your excellent show, I really enjoy the news

One subject that I have NOT been able to find a complete guide to is the GRUB boot loader.

Yes, there are guides at various places on the web, but None seem to help my version of GRUB.

I'm having issues getting the menu to display the most recent Kernal.

Also, I'm using an older dual core processor with no less than 5 Hard drives.
I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 installed on a separate disk and I usually run Unbuntu Desktop x86 on SDA1.

I have followed several online instruction guilds and I'm only spinning my wheels.
I'd like to know how to configure the grub command line, but the seemingly conflicting information I've found has made that a challenge.

GRUB is a great tool, a in-deapth discussion of the tool as it relates to Ubuntu would be help full.

Your Florida Fan,

Rick the "tekhammer"