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Thread: Global menu madness back

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    Global menu madness back

    In older versions of thunderbird there was a thunderbird-gobalmenu which had to be removed to get rid of global menu. This package does not exists any more nor I have a global extension enabled in thunderbird. But the global menu still remains only for thunderbird and firefox. I also removed all appmenu* packages.

    So I have two questions:

    1. How to get rid of it in raring?
    2. How do I know why thunderbird-gobalmenu was removed and by which mechanism it was replaced, what is the best way to see these developers decisions?


    PS: I already tried to Google for this but there are only zillions of advises which only apply to older Ubuntu versions.
    PPS: For firefox in about:config is a unity menu bar switch now. But how the heck do I know that this was moved there? And what is about thunderbird?

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    Re: Global menu madness back

    Ok. I found it now. In thunderbird there is also a unity entry in the Config Editor: Preferences->Advanced->General->Config Editor.


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